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Our staff is an important part of the success of our business.


Owner, Mentor, Advocate


Pam received a BS degree in Child and Family Development, from the University of Utah. She has served on the Utah Special Education Advisory Panel committee.  Pam’s background includes working as a DHS/DSPD Support Coordinator receiving numerous incentive awards for exceptional work. Her previous experience includes working in both public and private schools.  Pam loves her work and the people she serves.

Lara Woods, SSW QIDP
Senior Support Coordinator-External


Support Coordinator with DHS/DSPD since 2004. Before starting with DSPD Lara worked with the State of Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services as a Protective Payee. She received her BS degree in Social Work, from BYU.  Lara has been recognized for developing a training program for police officers on how to interview and interact with people with disabilities, helping train cadets at the P.O.S.T. Lara is dedicated about helping individuals with disabilities and their families.



Lissa Johnson, SSW QIDP
Senior Support Coordinator-External


Lissa started with DSPD in 2000 with a unit specializing in Family Supports.  She became the DHS/DSPD Central Region’s Outplacement Specialist and worked with individuals needing a Protective Payee. Before joining DSPD she was a lead worker and DCFS Supervisor.   Lissa graduated from Westminster College with a BS is Psychology.  She loves working with people with special needs helping them reach their goals and potential.


Traci Butts, QIDP
Senior Support Coordinator-External


Traci graduated from University of Phoenix with a BS is Human Services.  She looks forward to continue to assist all people with disabilities reach and maintain a life of happiness, health and safety.





Andrea Chatterton, SSW QIDP
Support Coordinator-External


Andrea earned her BS in Social Work from BYU Hawaii.  She is enthusiastic and enjoys helping individuals in Salt Lake, Tooele and Utah Valley. She enjoys working on her America Sign Language skills. 

Throughout her life she has had and made friends with many different types of disabilities, and loves supporting them in their individual lives. She says "I believe that my friendships and experiences have had a great impact on who I am today, and what I am passionate about. Helping people with disabilities to live successful lives".

Kim Knuteson, SSW QIDP
Senior Support Coordinator


Kim has worked with youth and adults who have a variety of physical and mental disabilities for the past 14 years. She uderstands the comlexities of a diagnosis and symptoms of disorders and the behaviors sometime associated with it.  Kim earned her BS in Family Studies from Weber State University. 

Michelle Demary, QIDP, ABISC
Senior Support Coordinator-External


Support Coordinator

I have a appreciation for the challenges faced by those with disabilities, they have helped me to develop many life skills and gain knowledge to accomplish the tasks I encounter and to help those around me as they face their challenges.

Candace Smith, QIDP  
Support Coordinator, Advocate


Support Coordinator

Has degree in Elementary Education teaching English and Spanish as second language.

Hal Smith, MBA
Financial & IT Manager


Hal is assisting with payroll, employee expense, benefits, record keeping, financial, IT, Website, and accounting issues.  Hal has an Engineering Degree from the UofU, MBA business degree, and has been running a successful  technical service business, C&I Inspections, since 2002.


Infrared Inspection Service




 Funding for services provided through STATE OF UTAH DHS Division of Services for People with Disabilities