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Our staff is an important part of the success of our business.

Pam Smith, owner mentor


Pamela S Smith,   

received a BS degree in Child and Family Development, from the University of Utah.  She attended The Leadership Academy, with Lisa-Michelle Church and served on the Utah Special Education Advisory Panel committee.  Pam’s background includes working as a DHS/DSPD Support Coordinator receiving numerous incentive awards for exceptional work. Her previous experience includes working in both public and private schools.  Pam loves her work and the people she serves.

Professionally Licensed Social Service Worker, State of Utah.

Certifications include;

  • Qualified Mental Retardation Professional QMRP, 
  • Support Coordinator Certifications I and II,
  • Quality Outcome Measures,
  • Support Intensity Scale Certification,
  • USTEPS Training.

Draft of story by Pam

As Unique as a Snow Flake
Our goal is to motivate individuals to lead a self directed life

 Funding for services provided through STATE OF UTAH DHS Division of Services for People with Disabilities